General Terms & Conditions of Use


1. All rates and prices of services and products advertised include 16% VAT and in the case of lodging 3% additional per lodging tax.

2. Billing must be requested by THE GUEST at the time of making your reservation or at the latest at the end of it or departure (check-out) of the hotel. The billing information must be correctly recorded on the card registered at the entrance (check-in) or sent by email to . THE COMPANY will not issue new invoices or modify them if it was not requested in a timely manner and / or with incorrect information provided by THE GUEST.

3. The only official direct sales channels for hotel reservations and room rentals at the hotel are the following:
Telephone: +52-984-148-6550 o al 01800-212-9190;
Email: o; Web:
Counter: Street 54 North SMz 13 Mz 58 Lt 1, El Pedregal, Playa del
Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico. CP 77712.

4. The following forms of payment are accepted in Mexican pesos
(Mexican pesos MXN) and United States dollars (USD): Cash; debit card, credit and / or services Visa, MasterCard, American Express; electronic transfers, bank deposits. In case of paying in USD, please check the exchange rate of the day shown at the hotel reception.In the case of electronic transfers and bank deposits, the payment must be reflected in the account statement of the operating company, prior to its registration at reception and access to the room on the first day of the reservation requested by the user or owner. The data of the bank account of the operating company are the following:

BENEFICIARY: Indi Travel, S. A. DE C. V.
ACCOUNT: 0189252797
CLABE: 012694001892527974

5. The hotel reserves the right to admission and / or stay within the facilities of the establishment and / or offer their services in case of non-compliance with the following provisions:

– Maximum number of guests per room, including children under 12 years: 4 people. (Security issue indicated by the Civil Protection Coordination of the Municipality of Solidaridad, Quintana Roo);

– Pets / animals, motorized vehicles and / or bicycles are not allowed inside the rooms and common areas inside the hotel. Heavy tool and industrial equipment, among other items, are not accepted inside the rooms.

– The establishment is a smoke-free hotel, therefore smoking is prohibited in enclosed areas. Please ask the hotel staff for the areas designated to smoke.

– Possession, consumption and trafficking or sale of substances prohibited by the Mexican General Health Law. Any other provision not considered in this document before any incident, the Hotel Administration reserves the right to decide the measures to be taken, seeking above all the order and safety of other guests and staff working in it. The hotel, through its operating company, reserves the right of admission / registration / entry into the property for contractual breaches.

6. By order of the authority and security the client of the hotel (holder of the reservation) accepts to identify himself with some official personal document with a valid photograph at the time of registering his stay (check-in) at the reception. If the user refuses this provision, the reservation is automatically canceled and the Cancellation Policy will be applied according to date. Also all occupants of the room must register; adults (18+) must do so with official identification, minors (18-) under guardianship and responsibility of an adult or adult.

7. In case of having a vehicle and using the hotel parking, you must enter the data (brand, model, color, license plate number) on the registration card. In case of theft or damage of the vehicle partially or totally, the hotel is not responsible. The hotel does not offer personalized parking service (colloquially referred to as “Valet Parking”) of motor vehicles or any other type. Each user is responsible for their own motor vehicle and its parking inside and / or outside the establishment.

8. The hotel has a restaurant and bar service with evening and limited hours. In these opening hours, a delivery service (ROOM SERVICE) of food and drinks prepared by the hotel is offered.

9. Any external service (e.g. delivery of food, medication) contracted by the guest / client of the hotel, will be his responsibility. The hotel is foreign and will not intervene in any way in these situations for questions of payments, claims, … etc. Personnel outside the hotel (third parties) are prohibited from entering the hotel facilities.

10. The hotel has a retail service for food and beverages packaged through an automated vending machine. In consideration, the customer must pay the amount indicated by the automated dispenser for the delivery of the product. Any claim will be reported to the staff at the hotel reception.

11. The Hotel has service in transfer agreement of people / passengers between the International Airport of Cancun, Quintana Roo and the hotel building with the company Operadora Mayan Sky, S.A. of C.V. For more information about this service, please consult the document “Policies and conditions of contracting for land transport in agreement between Operadora Mayan Sky, S.A de C.V. and Indi Travel, S.A. of C.V.”

12. In the case of management of groups for lodging and rental of rooms for events, the hotel, through its operating company, does not include transport coordination or logistics for the organization of passengers, guests or users within its services. Only, through a group coordinator (reservation holder), a hotel representative will provide all the necessary information about the services of the company (e.g. rates, room designation and number of occupants per room with help from a list of guest names). For security reasons, the group responsible is obliged to deliver this list to the hotel 24 hours in advance and to designate each of the people within the assigned rooms. If there is no such list and assignment, the hotel reserves the right to give group guests access to the rooms.

13. The hotel offers restaurant service and bar / canteen “Cocktail Magic” with sale of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, accompanied by snacks (fritters, nuts) in courtesy and a la carte food. The prices are announced in the corresponding local letter, taxes included. This service is exclusive for hotel guests and is not open to the general public. The consumption of drinks and food is limited to the designated bar / dining area within the Hotel’s property; prohibited consumption in common areas such as corridors, parking, internal and external lobby, pool, gym and green areas. For more information (e.g. schedules) about this service, please consult the menu / menu in the rooms and in the bar area, as well as the corresponding announcements in reception and hotel staff.

14. The hotel offers, in service hours of the restaurant bar, room service or ROOM SERVICE. The order can be made directly in the establishment or by telephone by internal communication to the indicated extension. The hotel staff will take the requested food and drinks to the indicated room, where the client must make the payment immediately; You cannot take charge of the room account.

15. It is not allowed to introduce, prepare or elaborate food or drinks, for consumption in common areas of the property (no corkage) or in rooms. For hygienic and sanitary reasons, and also by indications of the corresponding authority, the hotel cannot protect food or drinks from guests / users for its conservation or refrigeration, even though it has been purchased in the facilities of the same.

16. For the protection of medicines that require refrigeration / storage temperature, the guest must sign a responsive letter that exempts the hotel from any responsibility in case of any failure of the equipment where it is conserved. This service has no additional cost.

17. In case of requiring storage service / storage for various items before, during or after the guest’s stay, the guest must sign a responsive letter, in which the client exempts the hotel and its staff from any responsibility of partial or total damages or losses. This service is subject to availability of space within the hotel facilities. The company reserves the right to accept or accept the customer’s request for storage and / or shelter purposes.

18. The hotel has an hourly lease service for the use of computers / computers located in the business center, as well as printing and photocopying. The rates for computer use are announced at reception. The service includes only internet use and other applications and programs previously installed on the computer; no external device such as electronic memories, cameras, cell phones, etc. can be connected.

19. In case the guest receives a visit from an acquaintance, they should meet at the reception or bar / lobby of the hotel. In case the visitor enters the room, he must physically hand over some official identification. The maximum time of the visitor’s stay is 1 (one) hour. In case of exceeding the allowed time, an additional passenger / guests (PAX) will be charged to the reservation holder.

20. The Hotel has a loaner service with a steam iron, ironing board and hairdryer for users registered in the property. In order to make use of this service, the user must sign the requested equipment, where it is informed about the cost of such, in case of loss and / or significant damage. In this voucher the user is informed about the commercial value of the equipment on loan.

21. The use of the pool is limited to operating hours of 8:00 am (8:00 a.m.) to 8:00 p.m. Users of this service are responsible for their personal safety. Any minor under the age of 18 may use this service only accompanied by an adult. The bath towels found in the rooms are for exclusive use within the hotel facilities and cannot be removed for external use (e.g. beach). Partial or total damages must be covered by the user.

22. In case of misuse of furniture and / or equipment owned by the hotel, the company will assess the damages caused (according to the commercial value in the market) and the user is obliged to compensate them. For this item, spotting of blanks (e.g., towels, sheets, covers, quilts, etc.) accidentally not reported at reception or intentionally is included. The hotel is aware of these types of risks and accidents, so it asks guests to report it to avoid additional charges. In case of denial of payment of damages, the hotel reserves the right to continue offering the lodging service and to apply, the corresponding refund will be made to the client for the rooms / nights paid not accrued.

23. The customer agrees to comply with the policies and conditions detailed in this document at the time of making a reservation, service payment and / or check-in.

24. This membership agreement, including reservation policies and terms of use, is subject to change without notice. Said modifications will be published by the above mentioned means.


The Magic Hotel – The Hotel / The Company, including the staff that works for it, with address at Calle 54 Norte SMz 13 Mz 58 Lt 1, El Pedregal, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico, CP 77712.

Indi Travel, S.A. de C.V. / Operator and Administrator of the Magic Express Hotel  – Operator Company.

Client / Guest / User – C Anyone who pays for the services and / or products offered by the Magic Express Hotel Client / Guest – Physical or moral person who hires any of the services offered by The Magic Hotel.

The Parties – both, Client and The Magic Hotel.