Service route

This transportation service only includes simple and round transfers between the International Airport of Cancun, Quintana Roo, Mexico and the facilities of The Magic Hotel, Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico. Other routes not mentioned for this contract are not in question.
Airport Address:
Carretera Cancún-Chetumal Km 22, Cancún, Q. Roo, México, CP 77565
HME Address:
Calle 54 Norte SMz 13 Mz 38 Lt 1, El Pedregal, Playa del Carmen, Q.Roo, México,* CP 77712

Capacities and characteristics of the units: Up to 10 people

Models in circulation:

Comfortable and modern van-type vehicles with capacity for 10 (ten) passengers with luggage, equipped with air conditioning, cloth seats, safety belts for all passengers, 1 (one) sliding passenger side door, luggage rear door .
BROAD INSURANCE FOR PASSENGERS AND THEIR LUGGAGE (Copies of insurance policies for each of the trucks are annexed to the contract and agreements)

Guest collection procedure(s) and transfer

Arrivals at Cancun International Airport:

Upon arrival at the airport, passengers will go to the carrousel to collect their luggage according to the indications of the airline / airport. Once with luggage in hand, the GUESTS should go to the pedestrian exit door, where the personnel of THE TRANSPORTER, properly uniformed (pink shirt and navy blue pants) and with a personalized sign (includes logo of THE TRANSPORTER AND THE INTERMEDIARY) will wait to the GUEST, and later will guide them to the assigned transportation.

Departures from the facilities of the Hotel Magic Express, Playa del Carmen:

According to international flight safety procedures, all passengers must enter and register at the airport with the contracted airline with 2 (two) hours in advance on domestic flights and 3 (three) hours in advance on international flights. The departures will be scheduled by THE CARRIER according to the above and itinerary provided via email (see CLAUSE 2 of this document) by the GUEST, which will be informed to the GUEST via email to the address provided in the REQUEST FOR SERVICE .
Exit information will be reconfirmed at the arrival of the clients, when they are received at the airport.

Changes / Cancellations / No presentation

  • Changes in arrival flights can be notified with 4 (four) hours in advance without charge. If not notified
    changes to THE CARRIER 3 (three) hours before the service, will be charged as NO SHOW (50% charge)
  • NO SHOW in arrivals (Airport – Hotel) have a 50% charge
  • NO SHOW on departures (Hotel – Airport) have a 100% charge
  • Cancellations that are not informed to operations 3 hours in advance, will have a NO SHOW charge of 50%
  • Transportation from and to the airport, has a waiting time of 20 minutes; the arrivals are monitored by the operations department of THE CARRIER
  • In services of departures to the airport, the truck will arrive at the hotel 10 minutes before the pick-up time and will have a wait of 10 minutes. After the pick-up time in case the guests do not board the van, NO SHOW will be charged
  • In case the GUEST board the van late or decide to stop during the journey, it will be the responsibility of the client if the van does not reach its destination in the stipulated time


The GUEST accepts the policies and conditions described in this document at the time of making your reservation by the means mentioned in this service contract.

Notice of Privacy

In compliance with the provisions of the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data, Mayan Sky SA DE CV will collect data from mutual passengers with the sole purpose of monitoring and facilitating the operation of their transport in an efficient and safe manner.
The personal data of flights, names of passengers, schedules and location will only be shared between the administrative and operative staff of the The Magic Hotel and that of the Operadora Mayan Sky, guaranteeing the latter the security, privacy and integrity of said personal data.